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 February 2003    

Vol. 2   No. 2   


Saving Yourself from Cancer – the Prostate (case in point)


I could have picked any one of the many kinds of cancer which threaten your life for the discussions that follow.  One advantage of using prostate cancer for my example is that the male-dominated medical business has been more willing to accept the diet-cancer connection, and the short-comings of early detection and treatment, for this exclusively male-disease, than they have been for the predominantly female disease, breast cancer. Breast cancer is essentially the same disease in women as prostate cancer is in men

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Fish is Not Health Food

Many health professionals and scientists are recommending fish to improve your health and especially, to reduce your risk of suffering from heart disease.  Japanese are the most-recognized example of a fish-eating population enjoying a low incidence of diseases common to Americans (heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, etc.), and a trim appearance.  Plus, people living in Japan have the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.  But, I believe these advantages are in spite of the fish, rather than because of the fish.  Japanese are healthy primarily because they eat a diet based on rice with lots of vegetables – fortunately for them; they eat fish only as a condiment.

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Niacin – A Time Honored Treatment for Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Present day treatment with the most popular cholesterol lowering agents, called “statins,”* is far from ideal.  In addition to the high costs, requirement of a doctor’s prescription, and side effects, intensive therapy is still associated with progression of artery disease based upon heart scans (serial electron beam tomography - EBT).

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Vegan Diet Damages Baby’s Brain – Sensationalism!


National news agencies carried a story about a January 31, 2003 report from the CDC on two young children who developed problems with brain development as a result of breast feeding from mothers on a vegan (pure vegetarian) diet.  The cause was suspected to be vitamin B-12 deficiency and in both cases treatment with B-12 corrected most of their troubles.

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Featured Recipes

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Heather McDougall with a degree in English and a love for cooking, especially with her mother, will be a frequent contributor to the newsletter. We invite you to contribute your thoughts and recipes to the McDougall Newsletter also. Write















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