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What more could you ask for? Great destinations, high adventure, tasty vegetarian food, and friendly people.


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 March 2003    

Vol. 2   No. 3  


A World of Hope and Dreams – Early Detection
The Example – Prostate Cancer


What I am about to tell you has generated more hate mail to me than any other subject I have ever talked about.  If you are one of those people who would rather live in a world of hopes and dreams...

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Restrict Protein - Save Your Kidneys

The popularity of high protein diets (like Atkins, Zone, Sugar Busters, Suzanne Somers, etc.) and the common use of protein supplements puts millions of people at extreme risk...

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Project Healthy Beginnings Sponsors California Resolution for
Healthier School Lunches

It was a very proud day when my oldest child, Jack, entered kindergarten. He didn’t cry at all.  But I did.  I was filled with pride and excitement for him.  Just one little thing bothered me – a lot: The school lunch menu. I had talked to many parents, vegan/vegetarian and non-vegetarian...

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Parents and Grandparents, Unite – Act Now
To Change the World


Children believe their schools provide the truth – almost without question.  They learn through their senses.  In most classrooms, sight and hearing are the main pathways for acquiring knowledge. In the lunchroom, education is through all 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.  Yes, hearing.  Children are told that the lunch they are served is good nutrition – and that simply is not...

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Featured Recipes

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Heather McDougall with a degree in English and a love for cooking, especially with her mother, will be a frequent contributor to the newsletter. We invite you to contribute your thoughts and recipes to the McDougall Newsletter also. Write heather@drmcdougall.com








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