Newsletter Help Files

Question:  How do I print the newsletter so it fits into the left and right margins of the page?
Answer 1: We have a "Printer Friendly Page" link to the upper right corner of each of the full articles.  Click there and then print the page which comes up as you usually print pages.
Answer 2:  In all issues if you might try right clicking with your mouse on the page you want to print, and then choose the word "print", your pages will print at 8 1/2 X 11 inches.
Answer 3:  You may also print by clicking on the printer icon (picture) at the top of the page you wish to print.
Answer 4:  The easiest and most successful way is to print from the pdf file.  Click on "pdf format" in the left column, which will open the newsletter in pdf format.  Click the printer icon once the file is open.  Remember, you must have the free acrobat reader to open the newsletter in pdf format.  You may obtain the free reader by clicking on the acrobat reader icon to the right of the words "pdf format."
Answer 5:  Try changing the size of the text which appears in your browser window.  In Internet Explorer click on View then Text Size and change to a smaller sized text.  Then try to print by clicking on Answer 1 or 2.
Question:  How do I unsubscribe?
Answer 1: Instructions for unsubscribing is at the bottom or bottom left of each of our newsletters or mailings.
Question:  The text of the newsletter is too big or too small when I receive it in my e-mail box or when I open it to read it.  How do I change it?
Answer: Change the size of font in Internet Explorer windows by clicking on View and then Text Size and click on a larger or smaller setting.
Question:  How do I subscribe?
Answer:  Subscription information is available in each of our mailings.  Usually it is located in the left column.
Question:  Why does the email copy of the newsletter take me to a duplicate of the newsletter for reading the articles in full?
Answer:   The newsletter owners wanted the newsletter to be completely open in order to read the different articles etc.   This way the reader won't get lost in a sea of open windows.
Question:  Where can I read previous newsletters?
Answer:  You can read them in the archive.  Information about the archive is in the left column.
Question:  I'm an America Online User and can't read the newsletter.  It arrives in my e-mail box a muddled mess of words not recognizable.  What can I do?
Answer:  I recommend that you upgrade to AOL 7.0, or AOL 8.0.  Installation CDs are available for free at stores like Office Depot, Office Max and Compusa.  You can also download upgrades directly from AOL, but the process can be rather time consuming.   CD installation disks also come in the regular mail to many people.  See if a friend of yours has received one lately.  You can upgrade with these CDs also.
Question: I can't see the pictures or graphics in the newsletters when they arrive.  How can I correct this?
Answer 1:  You might have your e-mail software set to not open html images.  Look for that setting and change it to allow the images to show.

Answer 2:  You must be connected to the internet while reading your mail in order to see the images.  If you are reading your e-mail offline, then the images will not appear.

Answer 3:  Your computer may not have enough memory (ram) to open graphics.  Contact a computer repair person and ask about adding more memory to your computer.  It is a very low price in most cases and can have a dramatic effect upon your computer speed and efficiency.  Even newer computers only a year old,  with only the factory installed memory of 64 or 128 mb of memory might be slow.